We control the meme economy
Cartel is a VIRAL FUCKING meme created by badboy NEET ROTTERS inspired by masculinity, grind, and position hunting. We refuse to let any of these PATHETIC SLUMDOGS rug us with their centralised exchanges and have instead decided to launch our own shitcoin to rug a bunch of FUCKING JEETS in the future (at 1B+ market cap, and by then it will be your whore sister buying your bags).
We WON'T FUCKING QUIT and we will KEEP FIGHTING UNTIL OUR LAST BREATH until our dogshit memecoin (BUT WITH ROADMAP) is gonna take over the zero competition troglodytes that are currently infesting the market.
Nobody will dare to stand against THE CARTEL, or get totally WIPED OUT by our army of autistic sigma badboys trading shitcoins from their mom's basement. It is what it is, only the strongest will survive, THE CARTEL.
Meme Cartel Members
Token supply: 88 888 888 888